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Fractional Home Ownership: a Lifestyle Investment 

More than a Second Home Purchase, a Lifestyle Investment

A villa in Ibiza? A chalet in Chamonix? A farmhouse in Tuscany? A finca in Marbella?

Owning a vacation villa is a dream for many. Second homes are at the epicentre of a lifestyle shift as demand has soared over the past years with the combination of remote and flexible work and a desire to escape from crowded urban areas. In practice, the average vacation home is used between 30 and 35 days per year. This means buyers bear 100% of the cost, while only enjoying their holiday homes for 10% of the time. However for people interested in owning a holiday home, fractional ownership might just be the perfect answer: it offers a system that could significantly lower the costs, while still giving the possibility to own and enjoy exclusive properties.

Image by Philip Jahn
Only a quarter of second home owners used their home more than four weeks a year.

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The Complete Guide to Fractional Home Ownership

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